Is Your 10-14-Year-Old Ready for a Challenge?

The Extreme SKILLZ program helps kids maximize
their physical and intellectual capabilities in a stable
and nurturing environment.

Kids between the ages of 10 and 14 are capable of great things – but they need the right
tools and encouragement to accomplish them. It’s normal for kids at this age to be
tempted by taking the easy way out of challenges, but we work with them to help them
reach their full physical and intellectual potential.


They always seem to take the easy way out when presented with anything difficult.

They make poor choices and tend not to think things through.
They put their friends and social obligations ahead of their family.


Parenting kids in their pre-teen and early teenage years is its own special challenge. Kids
at this age have huge potential, but an equally huge tendency to get mired down in
laziness and posturing for their friends. It can be frustrating for parents to watch their kids
waste their abilities – and parents are often anxious for a way to get their kids moving in a
positive direction. When kids resist parental involvement and give their friends more
consideration than their families, it can be distressing for parents.
The key to getting through to kids at this age is to hold their feet to the fire when it comes
to putting in the necessary work to achieve their goals. They need firm instruction and
regular goals to keep them on track.


Kids learn to withstand peer pressure and do what they think is right.
Students see the value of finesse and precision as these things are required to advance in
Shows students how to work through alternatives and make smart, informed decisions.
Teaches kids the meaning of courage and how to apply it in their personal lives.
Kids learn the value of hard work and why taking the lazy way out is not acceptable.
Builds an attitude of respect for kids’ peers, instructors, and families.
Teaches kids to carry themselves with strength and confidence.
Encourages kids to maximize their physical and intellectual potential at all times.


Our Extreme SKILLZ program is specifically designed to help kids between the ages of 10
and 14 to achieve their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social goals. We teach kids
physical dexterity, versatility, and precision while also helping them to trust their instincts

and build their strength.


Kids learn the importance of doing things well.
At this age, kids may be prone to take the easy way out of challenges.
Our Extreme SKILLZ program teaches them to value precision and to pay attention to
details instead of settling for a sloppy solution to their problems


We give kids the tools to make smart decisions
Preteens and teens sometimes make poor decisions because they lack the judgment to
see the big picture.
Extreme SKILLZ classes teach kids to make smarter decisions by showing them the
dangers of jumping to conclusions.


Students learn to evaluate their motives and pay attention to their emotions
Kids sometimes react without thinking about their motivations.
In the Extreme SKILLZ program, students learn to understand their true emotional
motivation and to understand the difference between a good motivation and a bad one.


We teach kids not to worry what others think of them.
Peer pressure plays a big role as kids get older, and they sometimes struggle with
worrying about what others think.
We teach kids to care less about what other people think of them and more about what
they think of themselves.



My child is more worried about being cool than about doing the right
thing. Can this program help?

Yes. It’s common for kids at this age to be heavily influenced by their peers and to avoid
doing anything that might be seen as uncool. We help them see the importance of
behaving appropriately regardless of what other people think.

My child is smart but intellectually very lazy. Can the Extreme
SKILLZ program change that?

Yes. Our instructors understand the psychology of kids at this age. They might want to
take the lazy way out, but we push them to maximize their potential in every area of life.

Can the Extreme SKILLZ program help my child make better

Yes. Decision-making is a key skill both in our program and in life. We show kids the value
of weighing options and using their brains to make smart decisions – both in and out of
our martial arts school.

My child doesn’t listen to a thing I say but takes advice from their
friends all the time. Can you help?

Yes. Kids at this age love to challenge their parents and rebel. It’s part of growing up, but
it can certainly be frustrating for parents. We emphasize the importance of respect and
loyalty to family as one of our core values.

I know my child could excel physically, but they don’t seem to have
any interest in putting in the work necessary to do so. How can your
program help?

The Extreme SKILLZ program is designed to reward precision and persistence. Kids must
commit to learning good form and being able to perform to a certain standard if they want
to succeed – and those are skills that can carry over to the playing field, as well.

I feel like I just can’t get through to my child on any level because all
they do is contradict me. What can the Extreme SKILLZ program do
to help?

Respect and honor are core tenets in any martial arts school. The Extreme SKILLZ
program teaches kids to be respectful to instructors – and by extension, to their parents
and teachers. We make sure they understand that who they are outside of the studio
reflects on them inside the studio.

My child is shy and reluctant to do anything in front of an audience.
I’m worried about what this means for the future – can these classes
make them more confident?

Yes. All our testing happens in front of an audience of the students’ peers and instructors.
They learn that they only thing they control is their performance and not to worry about
what other people think.

Can the Extreme SKILLZ program help my child rise to challenges
instead of running from them?

Yes. In our program, it’s common for kids to be frustrated as they try to learn new skills.
Over time, they realize that avoiding challenges doesn’t help them – and that facing them
helps to build confidence and self-reliance.

Students learn to evaluate their motives and pay attention to their emotions
Kids sometimes react without thinking about their motivations.
In the Extreme SKILLZ program, students learn to understand their true emotional
motivation and to understand the difference between a good motivation and a bad one.Work

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