Does Your 7-9-Year-Old Need a Challenge?

The Core SKILLZ program builds physical agility,
control, and resilience to help kids excel.

Seven to nine-year-old kids are intellectually curious and starting to mature emotionally –
but they also may struggle with appropriate behavior and physical control. Our Core
SKILLZ program is especially designed to help them learn martial arts in line with their
overall development.


They tattle on others without accepting responsibility for their own actions.

They have a hard time coping with losses and setbacks and may not demonstrate good sportsmanship.

They don’t remember what you or their teachers tell them and struggle with paying attention.


Kids between the ages of seven and nine have done a lot of maturing, but that doesn’t mean that
your job as a parent is any easier than it was before – it’s just different. Your child might have
attained some degree of emotional control but still have a hard time reacting appropriately when
disappointed or upset. Likewise, they might not be willing to accept blame when they do something
wrong, and yet be very quick to point the finger at others and tattle.
Since kids this age tend to be intellectually very curious, it’s important to engage them on their
level and provide them with continual challenges to keep them interested in what they’re doing.

Martial arts instruction is ideal because of its structure of ongoing learning and measurable


Older kids have better control than young ones, but they still may struggle with precision
and accuracy.
The Core SKILLZ program builds on earlier martial arts training to help kids gain control of
their bodies and build strength while improving their balance.


Improves balance and core strength by requiring kids to hold poses.
Teaches the value of persistence by teaching kids how to keep trying even when they
don’t get the result they want.
Helps kids build physical speed and control by introducing timed tests for certain skills.
Allows kids to express their opinions in a non-disruptive and respectful way.
Encourages kids to embrace the value of personal responsibility and accountability.
Builds concentration by requiring kids to memorize sequences of moves.
Teaches kids how to interact socially with both peers and instructors.
Kids learn the importance of respecting others and allowing them to speak without


Our Core SKILLZ program works with kids to teach them how to accept responsibility for their
actions, to manage negative emotions, and to pay attention to instructions and advice from their
instructors. Our program teaches kids agility, courage, flexibility, and persistence in a way that
allows them to build confidence. These skills translate from our martial arts studio to school – and
to your home.


Kids are easily distracted and may have difficult focusing on tasks and situations.
We teach kids to tune out distractions and focus on one thing at a time – something that’s
increasingly challenging in today’s electronic world.


Kids develop persistence and the determination to see their goals through to the end.
When they’re learning a new skill, kids may be afraid or give up easily instead of risking
Core SKILLZ students learn to conquer their fears and persist even when they feel like
giving up on a particular challenge or assignment.


Students learn how to disagree politely and to resolve disputes respectfully.
Many kids struggle with learning how to express disagreement without being rude or
Our Core SKILLZ program teaches kids to speak up without disrupting others, and to
figure out ways to resolve their challenges within the confines of the program’s structure.



Will the Core SKILLZ curriculum give my child a longer attention

Yes. Kids in the Core SKILLZ program must pay attention to instructors and memorize
moves if they wish to advance.

My child isn’t a good sport. Will they learn how handle defeat in the
Core SKILLZ program?

Yes. It’s normal for kids to experience setbacks when they study martial arts. Some
moves may require repeated effort to master, and the process teaches kids to handle
disappointment and failure.

My child thinks that life is unfair and doesn’t seem to understand the
advantages they have. How can this program help?

A fixation on fairness is common in kids of this age, but our program helps them
understand that sometimes life isn’t fair – and also, to realize that in our martial arts
school, all other kids face the same challenges they do.

Will the Core SKILLZ program help my child be braver in the face of

Yes. One of the Core "SKILLZ" we teach is courage, which requires kids to dodge targets.
While the targets won’t hurt them, they show kids that they can face opposition and still

I’m exhausted by my child’s relentless tattling and fighting with their
siblings. What can the Core SKILLZ program do to help?

The Core Skillz program teaches kids that they must be accountable for their own
behavior and actions. Accountability is essential our martial arts school and it’s a key life
skill that kids will take home with them when the class is over.

My child is bright but struggles to retain information they learn in
school, and I’m worried about how they’ll deal with increased
academic demands. Can the SKILLZ program help?

Our Core SKILLZ program helps kids to build focus and improve their memorization skills.
Each of the skills we teach requires kids to remember what the instructors have told them
and – in some cases – to memorize a series of moves. When kids learn how to memorize
information, they can use that skill anywhere they need to use it – including in the

My child shuts down when presented with something that feels too
difficult or overwhelming. What can you do to help?

Our Core SKILLZ curriculum is specifically designed with kids from ages seven to nine in
mind. We want to challenge them without overwhelming them – and our instructors know
how to motivate them and keep them on track. They’ll learn to accept challenges, not run
from them.

My child lacks physical agility and struggles to retain control of their
body. Will this program help?

Yes. Kids at this age still have some issues with fine motor skills, and we know that they’ll
have trouble with some of the moves we teach at first. Our goal is to help them gain
control and build strength and agility.

Our Core SKILLZ program helps kids to build focus and improve their memorization skills.
Each of the skills we teach requires kids to remember what the instructors have told them
and – in some cases – to memorize a series of moves. When kids learn how to memorize
information, they can use that skill anywhere they need to use it – including in the

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